Who are we?

Immediately after the outbreak of the war on 24.02.2022, several Brachttaler and Birsteiner have come together to actively do something. 

Young people drove in a 9-seat-van to the Ukrainian-Slovak border to bring people to safety. 

Another group started collecting donations in parallel, with the response exceeding all expectations. 

Both groups joined together after just one week and began to organize regular transports of aid due to the flood of donations. 

On the way to Ukraine, relief supplies were transported, and on the way back of the first 19 tours, refugees were brought to Germany. 

Our help has become more and more structured, and we are now very professional in many areas and also very well networked. 

The core team of Ukrainehilfe Birstein & Brachttal consists of 16 people aged between 17 and 78 years. 

In addition, we have a pool of 92 drivers from all over Hessen and partly beyond, who drive the transports with and for us. 

Furthermore, there are about 20 other people here who take care of the refugees who have arrived here. 

Each of these teams does a great job, so we don't want to highlight anyone by name. From time to time, it is necessary that the names of the helpers are also mentioned, especially in the press, but the focus here is on the team and the goal.

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